Animal “rights” group alleges Foster Farms abuses chickens

The animal rights group Mercy for Animals is up in arms about abuse that they allege is going on at a Foster Farms processing facility near Fresno, California. The Fresno Bee reports the animal rights organization has obtained footage taken from the meat processing plant that shows chickens are being tortured during the slaughter process. The group probably got one of its activists to get hired as a production worker where he/she filmed plant workers reportedly conducting numerous inhumane acts. According to Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) the alleged acts of cruelty show plant employees punching and throwing the chickens for fun before boiling them alive in scalding hot water in order to remove their feathers.

While the charges against Foster Farms are disturbing, I am reminded of an incident in Petaluma, California that took place last year. You all remember, don’t you? That’s the one where the Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) lied to authorities about ducks being treated inhumanely at a local duck farm. When local police arrived there was no mistreatment as the group claimed and the farm was conducting business that is standard for a slaughterhouse.

Then there is the video the group filmed at a Wisconsin dairy farm during November of 2014. There the workers there stood accused of abusing cows. It was later determined that the employees used their methods in order to get the cows up from the floor or they could die.

Another incident of alleged animal abuse took meat processing plant in Petaluma during January of this year. An egg farm that supplies eggs to Whole Foods supermarkets stood accused by the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere of abusing chickens in which the group claimed they had a video to prove it. It was later revealed that the video spliced together footage since the plant’s owners pointed out chickens featured were not part of the egg farm’s Certified Humane program.

Groups like Mercy for Animals (yeah, right), Direct Action Everywhere and PETA not only intentionally lie about animal abuse but ultimately seek to achieve their goal of forcing others to either become vegans or ridding the Earth of humans by attacking the food supply in the form of ending human consumption of meat by force if necessary. In any event, I do not condone animal cruelty, however, the track record of Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) tends to be one of lies and misrepresentations. Like the entire animal rights movement, Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) really stands for the animalistic treatment of humans. None the less, I have found a good reason to cook Foster Farms chicken for dinner tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Animal “rights” group alleges Foster Farms abuses chickens

  1. Wow, what an asshole thing to say! You’re going to eat a chicken tonight just because people want to stand up for animal rights? Using animals for food is exploitation, it’s speciesism, and it’s cruelty. Any vegan can tell you that people can live happily and healthily without animal products. Not to mention animal agriculture is terrible for the environment, water usage, forest destruction, etc–world hunger could be considerably lessened if only we fed humans all the food we give to the animals we raise. There are many good reasons to stand up for animal rights, but none to continue with the exploitation.


    1. Thank you for your reply. I recommend you go through the archives and you will see everything you have said is not true. I had a scrumptious chicken meal tonight, thank you. It’s one thing to protest for animal “rights” another to lie which is what Mercy for Animals and many other groups like them do.


      1. Rights depend on a being’s ability to think, not feel pain. As a species humans have a right to exploit Earth’s resources as we see fit. Animals are one of the resources we can use. Animals do not have the rational and cognitive faculties that humans have. Therefore, they cannot and should not be given the same rights as humans. To seek to set all animals free is to negate and attack human life. In terms of medical testing I would be interested in finding out if you have ever offered to make yourself available to scientists for use in medical tests to replace the animals you seek to “free”. Animal “rights” is nothing more than a reverse for the savagery of the animal kingdom over the civilization of man.


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