When abortion was illegal

A new campaign was just started by abortion rights groups entitled Shout Your Abortion. It is an effort for women who have raised their voices against anti-abortion groups seeking not just to defund Planned Parenthood but who, in the end, want to criminalize the abortion procedure. Like environmentalism, religion relies on a collective higher power. As opposed to environmentalists who seek to sacrifice mankind to the needs of nature, religion calls on mankind to sacrifice to the greater glory of their deity be it God, Allah, Vishnu, etc.

Environmentalists only support abortion rights since the ability to do so is a means to the end of reducing Earth’s population. It is not out of some high minded effort to protect a woman’s ability to control her body. The issue of abortion is ultimately about a woman being able to manage her own destiny and life and efforts to ban or restrict the procedure seek to treat women and even men as a means to an end to procreation. Abortion rights are pro-life since by having an abortion a woman is making an informed choice about her life since she recognizes that she is either not ready or not able to be a mother.

The below Academy Award-nominated film entitled When Abortion Was Illegal features compelling first person accounts which reveal the physical, legal, and emotional consequences during the era when having an abortion was a crime. Remembrances include those of women who experienced illegal abortions, doctors who risked imprisonment and loss of their licenses for providing illegal abortions, and individuals who broke the law by helping women find safe abortions.