The Truth About the Regressive Left

This video posted by Paul Joseph Watson is very insightful. The logic in it not only applies to the entire Left but specifically to the environmentalist movement.

For example, the media and progressive groups attempt to convince the public that environmentalists are peace-loving people who care about nature and that the violence committed by green organizations, like the Animal and Earth Liberation Front and Deep Green Resistance, are a tiny group of extremists.

What makes that untrue is that, like any religious faith, violent environmentalists are the ones who take their cause seriously. This is evidenced in the propaganda movie Earth First! The Politics of Radical Environmentalism.

In the film you see a representative of the Sierra Club refusing to condemn the actions of Earth First! It is because he knows ELF is not only philosophically correct in their political position but groups like the Sierra Club benefit from ELF’s work. The Sierra Club uses the actions of ELF to make the case to enact their policies so the sabotage and violence ELF activists will stop.

Like Watson points out in his video, by refusing to condemn acts of violence, Leftists lay the groundwork not just for more people on their side to become violent but also people opposed to their ideas. This, in turn, can lead to societal conflict on a massive scale.