PETA Furthers Puritan Hate Speech Codes

People for the Extortion Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) has decided to get into the act of making up speech codes. CNN reports that the thugs recently took to Twitter conducting a new campaign to clamp down on speciecism offering a graph and saying that it is racist and homophobic to use terms like bring home the bacon, kill two birds with one stone, or flogging a dead horse.

What is laughable is that PETA thinks they’re really ingenious and glib enough that they know what is best for others. This, however, reveals they are nothing more than Puritans who would be glad to hold their own version of Salem Witch Trials at the earliest opportunity.

Tucker Carlson discussed PETA’s latest effort on his Fox News show by interviewing one of their representatives and the results are quite vivid.

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