Arby’s Trolls Vegans with “Marrot”

Meredith Cash INSIDER

On Wednesday, Arby’s released the “megetable,” a carrot made of turkey meat that looks and tastes just like the orange vegetable. The meat carrot, or “Marrot,” comes on the back of many of Arby’s competitors choosing to invest in plant-based meats. Following its release, the product is being met with criticism.

One group in particular that has not taken kindly to Arby’s latest product is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which advocates in favor of vegan diets on its website.

Reiman referred to the megetable as a “little gimmick” and called Arby’s “totally out of step with the times” before referencing fast-food brands that have invested in plant-based meats, including Burger King, Carl’s Jr., and Del Taco.

“Any competitor that fails to cash in on the skyrocketing demand for vegan foods is going to go hungry,” Reiman said. “The joke here is on Arby’s for its sad stab at mocking those who are eating as if it’s 2019, not the Stone Age, and failing to recognize that it’s an increasingly vegan world.”

Arby’s representatives declined to respond to INSIDER’s request for comment regarding PETA’s statement.


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