Environmentalists Obstruct Colorado Ski Resort Project for 30 Years

A harrowing guest column written by Wolf Creek Ski Area (WCSA) CEO Davey Pitcher was published in The Durango Herald today. Wolf Creek, Colorado enjoys some of the highest amounts of snow fall in the state and Texas billionaire Red McCombs envisioned a Village at Wolf Creek resort next to the ski area. Environmentalists contend that the project would adversely affect a vital wildlife corridor, along with nearby wetlands and water supplies. Consequently, as Mr. Pitcher’s column correctly points out, this dispute has been ongoing for almost 30 years. This is one thing environmentalists are about: hindering people’s ability to live and prosper while obstructing development in order to intentionally hinder development of living spaces humans can use.

“Environmentalists needlessly delay development”, August 11, 2019, Davey Pitcher, The Durango Herald

“I am writing with regard to the recent developments with the Village at Wolf Creek, and because I have received a number of inquiries on the subject.

The history of this project is now running towards 30 years. I will not bore readers with what could be a lengthy novel. Rather, I am writing to address the current situation and potential outcomes, which is really all that matters at this point.

Recently, there was a proposed Forest Service boundary realignment (also called a “land exchange”) that the Wolf Creek Ski Area considered to be a good solution to many of the problems that existed with the old property lines. It put historically used skiable terrain and wetlands back into the public lands while giving the developer land that was south-facing and connected with the Colorado highway systems.

This solution benefited the skiing public, the ski area, the developer, and Mineral County.

In response, several environmental groups challenged the land exchange, taking a hard line during the challenge that no solution is acceptable. In doing so, they won a battle by getting the land exchange overturned, but will lose the war to the detriment of everyone.”


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