Jane Fonda Heads Protests Aimed at Farmers and Ranchers Over Climate Change

Actress Jane Fonda spent Black Friday protesting climate change she lead by taking singling out the agriculture and ranching industries. Calling the event Fire Drill Friday, The Hill reports she conducted her demonstration in front of Capitol Hill where she and almost 40 other protesters were arrested while, simultaneously, demanding an end to the use of fossil fuels.

Fonda was quoted as claiming (falsely) that the fires in the Amazon were set illegally to clear areas for agriculture and cattle ranching. She also stated that food and agriculture use up 70 of the planet’s water resources and further alleges the run off from farmers and ranchers result in dead zones in bodies of water worldwide. Fonda subsequently insisted people reduce their meat consumption.

Jane Fonda is best known, not only for her movie acting, but also her die-hard Leftist activism. During the Vietnam War, she went to Hanoi, North Vietnam and allowed herself to be a propaganda prop for the Vietnamese Communists while taking swipes at United States military actions in the country. While Fonda has apologized, her regret has (rightly) not been taken seriously by veterans and to this day, she is still (rightly) condemned for what she did.

Now Fonda wants to ruin the lives, not just of farmers and ranchers, but reduce the human food supply so people are killed off citing statistics that are, most likely, lies. However, if she is successful, it won’t be people like Jane Fonda who will be affected by the diminished food supply since people like her could care less about people’s lives destroyed thanks to protests and other actions she took to shut down food production.

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