Nancy Pelosi: “I Don’t Care” About Getting Americans Back to Work

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was interviewed on CNN Politics Dana Bash today. The topic of the conversation was President Trump’s suggestion during a Town Hall on Fox News about getting Americans back to work instead of being quarantined. Here is what I was able to transcribe which is a portion of what the Speaker said:

Nancy Pelosi: “I don’t have time to follow people’s twits…tweets, Twitters, whatever, tweets — so don’t expect me to comment on that.”

Dana Bash: “Well, even beyond Twitter, the President of the United States is signaling that he could open it up. What is your opinion on that?”

Pelosi: “I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! It is not scientific based — he’s notion mongering.”

Here is a cut and paste of CNN’s tweet which includes a link to the interview:

“Speaker Pelosi on President Trump’s suggestion about lifting his self-isolation guidelines soon: “What the President is suggesting is that light at the end of the tunnel could be a train coming at us if people are out and about in a way that spreads the disease further.”

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) March 24, 2020

During the exchange, Pelosi said that she wants to get the job done by implementing policies that are based on scientific evidence. However, her proposals are actually the result of her manipulating the process and based on gaining political advantage, not scientific data. She made a special trip from her Apple Valley mansion to Capitol Hill with a last minute list of demands during Senate negotiations in which shortly after Senate Democrats rejected the stimulus bill they helped negotiate.

Pelosi has now taken it upon herself to pass legislation with a number of items to fund not just disbursing checks to Americans out of work but to throw scraps from her table, including tax credits for solar renewable energy projects and other environmental programs which are based on the so-called Green New Deal but not related to aiding people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and her policies are not grounded in science either.

Small wonder Pelosi made these remarks since she wants to hold people hostage since her utopian Leftist proposals are the ransom for her extortion.

2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: “I Don’t Care” About Getting Americans Back to Work

    1. Unfortunately, she ultimately doesn’t care. As far as the Left is concerned they never let a tragedy go to waste since it’s an opportunity for people like Pelosi to grandstand and achieve more power. The Left is all about achieving and maintaining power by any means necessary, including using events like this to try to push for policies to get to their heaven on Earth.


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