During  1970 a group of college students gathered at Columbia University in New York City to organize the first Earth Day. The event was geared to raise awareness of environmental degradation allegedly due to industrialization and over population. When the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, it was patterned after Vietnam War protest organizing events, in order to not only be a teach in on how to preserve the environment but also toward political action. However, Earth Day is also held on the anniversary of the birthday of Russian Communist leader and philosopher Vladimir Lenin.

According to former Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the environmentalist movement received an influx of former Marxists who have made environmentalist groups (like Greenpeace) into political fundraising, lobbying and action groups. The ex-Communists have been able to utilize the environment as a means to achieve collectivization of the planet by lobbying and organizing to prevent industrialization and development.

In light of the above described events, the environmentalist movement has grown into a well funded and coordinated international political activist movement. On a wide variety of fronts, groups like Greenpeace, Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front and anti-vaccine organizations have been engaged in an all out assault on mankind. The term jihad is used in the name of this website since the definition of jihad is holy war.

In Islam, jihad is the highest calling in the faith and in Islamic holy texts including (but not limited to) the Quran, Allah commands the Islamic faithful to make war against non-believers. Environmentalist groups are conducting an all out holy war (i.e. jihad) against mankind using their funds and resources with the end result being the destruction of Western civilization. Environmentalism is in many way a religion revering nature over the needs of mankind and poses an even larger threat to our way of life than Islamic totalitarians.

Environmentalists have been organized politically since the 1970’s in which with the introduction of ex-Communists into their ranks makes for an even more challenging threat. The purpose of this blog is in the tradition of others like Creeping Sharia in that it exists to reveal another enemy of Western civilization that poses an even larger threat than Islamic jihadist groups: environmentalism.

Despite the environmentalist movement’s alleged high minded goals of wanting a cleaner, healthier planet, this website (while not dedicated to slander) will demonstrate through commentary on articles of importance that the true goal of environmentalist activists is and how the many groups and individuals who act in its name seek to destroy our way of life. The end goal of environmentalism is to prevent human beings from being able to prosper and live. The news reports and videos commented on at this blog will show what environmentalists do and their intent.

There will be things discussed here that many people are not aware of when it comes to how groups, like Greenpeace, conduct themselves. You are encouraged to read the commentaries and articles, watch videos and look at the pictures posted so you can better understand what environmentalism is truly all about and tell your family members and friends. The shrill and sarcastic manner in which this blog’s message is delivered is not so much a wanting to be strident for publicity as it is an act of justice to express outrage when environmentalist groups seek to deny others their humanity.

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