“Roundup” Litigation Attorney Charged With Extortion

A Virginia attorney, Timothy Litzeburg, who worked for the Virginia-based Miller Firm who represented plaintiffs in the first lawsuit against Bayer AG. Bayer acquired Monsanto, Inc. that developed glysophate, the herbicide known in stores as Roundup was recently charged with extortion by federal prosecutors. Litzenburg was part of the team of attorneys who successfully convinced… Read More “Roundup” Litigation Attorney Charged With Extortion

Roundup For Breakfast?!

Last year, the Environmental Working Group released a report that concluded there are unsafe levels of the herbicide Glyphosate (Roundup) in various products, including Cheerios. This video aims to get to the bottom of these findings, and to explain why chemical residue in our food happens.

The New York Times’ fake news story about GMOs

During late October, The New York Times published a front page news story essentially saying that genetically modified crops (GMOs) don’t increase crop yields and don’t reduce pesticide use. However, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones had a look at the Grey Lady’s piece after Nathaniel Johnson at Grist highlighted the news piece as having glaring… Read More The New York Times’ fake news story about GMOs