Leonard Peikoff: “I’m voting for Trump!”

The Anti-Rand Institute hosted a Zoom call to commemorate Dr. Leonard Peikoff's birthday. As it turns out, Dr. Peikoff joined the call, expressed appreciation for the event and gave a very moving, short talk on his interactions with Ayn Rand and why he decided to become an Objectivist including discussing his latest project. Toward the … Continue reading Leonard Peikoff: “I’m voting for Trump!”

“America’s Forgotten” Director on the Devastation of Open Borders

Namrata Singh Gujral was interviewed on Shannon Bream's Fox News show last week to discuss her new documentary, America's Forgotten. Not surprisingly, the film has been banned by Facebook and Amazon. Illegal immigration is the Left's new way to practice slavery. You can watch Ms. Gujral's movie here. https://youtu.be/sx1uDdm1Kw8

Documentary Director Reverses Position on Illegal Immigration

Tim Pool points out Namrata Singh Gujral sought to make a pro-illegal immigration film, until the facts made the issue clearer and what networks, like CNN, would not report. You can rent or buy Ms. Gujral's movie here. https://youtu.be/R6MlbfbSCMQ PHOTO CREDIT: Migrants getting on La Bestia that will take them to the U.S.=Mexico border By … Continue reading Documentary Director Reverses Position on Illegal Immigration

So Long, New Zealand!

New Zealand voters have overwhelmingly re-elected the Labour Party and it's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is sure to be reappointed for another term. Notably, the Kiwi's Lefti-wing party has embraced climate craziness by banning offshore oil drilling and planned to outlaw petroleum-powered vehicles. Fortunately, Labour hasn't been able to ban fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks … Continue reading So Long, New Zealand!

Environmentalists Berate Liquid Natural Gas Transport by Rail

Environmentalists block the construction of pipelines to transport fossil fuels, so oil and gas companies resort to other means (such as rail, truck, or ship). Transporting fossil fuels by pipelines involve far less carbon emissions and hazards than by road, train, or sea. But that is the whole point. It enables Gang Green to measure … Continue reading Environmentalists Berate Liquid Natural Gas Transport by Rail

How #COVID-19 Is Spreading School Choice

The biggest mistake the political Right made was ceding control of education to the Left. If there is any silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is parents are realizing the nonsense being taught to their kids. As the below video points out, parents have alternatives to the schools where their children are educated. An … Continue reading How #COVID-19 Is Spreading School Choice