World Economic Forum Praises #COVID-19 Lockdown Effects

Environmentalists continue to look on the bright side for the effects of coronavirus lockdowns and this time the green infested World Economic Forum weighs in. Aside from the global body previously acknowledging the negative consequences of lockdowns and their call for a reset of the world’s economy, WEF’s Twitter account posted a video yesterday literally… Read More World Economic Forum Praises #COVID-19 Lockdown Effects

The Case Against #COVID-19 Passports

With global COVID-19 deaths and infections slowing, France sacked implementing special certificates or passports for people who have been vaccinated for coronavirus last week. Despite the French government’s announcement, Great Britain and the European Union are considering such a policy, Denmark and Sweden issued vaccine certificates earlier this month, Iceland enacted COVID passports during late… Read More The Case Against #COVID-19 Passports

Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

Tucker Carlson conducted yet another fantastic opening monologue on his Fox News show last night. Just recently, as Tucker points out and was reported earlier by Tim Pool, the FBI seized the cell phone data of members of Congress. The propaganda the media is perpetuating lays the groundwork or rationale for heavy-handed actions on the… Read More Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

Trial By Fury: GoDaddy Investigating Sites In Connection to Capitol Hill Violence

A George Soros-connected group called Accountable U.S. is demanding GoDaddy investigate and de-platform websites the company it hosts or is internet Registrar that may somehow be linked to the Capitol Hill riot that took place early last month. From The Hill: “The investigation stems from a report by the nonprofit group Accountable.US which found that… Read More Trial By Fury: GoDaddy Investigating Sites In Connection to Capitol Hill Violence