German Supreme Auditors: Green energy “an existential threat to German economy”

Germany’s supreme auditors issued a scathing rebuke of Germany’s Green energy scheme and even warned about its spiraling costs a few years ago. Now the auditors bluntly state Green energy poses “an existential threat” to Germany. From No Tricks Zone:

Daniel Wetzel at German national daily Die Welt reports on the latest German Federal Court of Auditors’ warning: “If things continue like this, Germany as a business location is in danger. The costs are out of control – and there is a growing threat of an electricity shortfall.”

The “Energiewende” (transition to green energies) has seen Germany recklessly rush into wildly fluctuating wind and solar energy without properly planning the grave impacts they would have on the power supply grid and prices.

So explosive is the German Government Audit report that Die Welt and the government auditors see the Energiewende as a “danger for all of Germany”.

The German auditors had already voiced harsh criticism three years earlier in another special report, whose main focus had been on the high cost of the Energiewende. The latest report now also includes “an explosive analysis” on power supply instability and the high probability of power shortfalls.

“Since our last review in 2018, too little has been done to successfully shape the energy transition,” said the President of the Federal Court of Audit, Kay Scheller,

You can read the full post here. It is ridiculous leaving agencies like this to do the job politicians, news agencies, and policy makers should but won’t. Australia also embraced Green energy and suffers the same consequences as Germany while Texas found this out in February. This the same scheme Joe Biden wants to bring to America while he attacks real energy producers.