In Memoriam: Freeman Dyson (1923 – 2020)

British-born and renowned physicist Freeman Dyson passed away yesterday at 96 years old. The majority of his career was spent teaching at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He not only spoke about the dangers of nuclear weapons but was enthusiastic about space and a futurist, in which his famous Dyson Sphere…

Political Climate Science

Climate alarmists are getting very nervous that President Trump will put some actual scientists on board the next National Climate Assessment. Tony Heller says this will make it much harder for them to politicize the science and commit fraud.

Hide The Decline: How Climate Change Data Was Faked

This is a terrific video done by Climate Discussion Nexus (CDN) that explains the history of the climate change hysteria in layman’s terms. It reveals how climate scientists deliberately manipulated temperature data. After watching this, you will know what has been going on with the climate change issue and why.

How a Dogmatic Group Can Hold Up Scientific Progress

During June, the medical science magazine Stat published a fascinating article demonstrating how a group of researchers who ardently believed in the amyloid hypothesis, that was the dominant conclusion at the time, held up and even manipulated medical research for treating Alzheimer’s for years. The same can be said for climate change since the Left…

A Country Built By Floods

North America has had millions of floods, which created the fertile soils of the Midwest. In this video, Tony Heller discusses geologic history and scientific illiteracy at The New York Times. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia – 1935 Houston Flood