Al Gore: Climate Crisis and Coronavirus are “Linked”

Well, Gore was eventually going to come out of the woodwork to virtue signal some time. Then again, Gore has a history of helping his opposition so he may be doing everyone a favor. Al Gore says climate crisis and coronavirus 'linked': Pollution makes preconditions worse By Rebecca Klar - The Hill Former Vice President … Continue reading Al Gore: Climate Crisis and Coronavirus are “Linked”

See “Planet of the Humans” For Free

Michael Moore's documentary Planet of the Humans can be seen on YouTube for free. Essentially, Moore has positioned himself with the anti-population wing of the green movement and this film isn't just an expose of the corruption surrounding renewables, it is also looking like Moore's shot across the bow in a power struggle among environmentalists … Continue reading See “Planet of the Humans” For Free

Evironmental Playacting

Today’s youth will fight climate change, we’re told—but they’re no more willing to give up luxuries than anyone else. Heather Mac Donald - September 9, 2019 - City Journal Youth will save the planet, according to the elite narrative about global warming. It was young voters who were “asking the tough questions” and holding “Democrats’ … Continue reading Evironmental Playacting

Abusing Children, Abusing Science

Climate alarmists have intentionally targeted children - to push their political objectives. Instead of holding an honest debate with adults, they have chosen to terrorize young people with their lies and propaganda. Tony Heller reveals they are destroying science while simultaneously destroying the mental health of children. PHOTO CREDIT: By Anders Hellberg – Own work, … Continue reading Abusing Children, Abusing Science