The anti-Semitism of animal “rights” activists

I was going to write about PETA’s refusal to answer any questions about why the group kills so many shelter animals but came across a news story that I could not pass by. Arutz Sheva out of Israel reveals that activists with a Los Angeles animal rights group hurled anti-Semitic epithets at service attendees during a protest of the yearly Jewish ritual of kaparot outside of Congregation Ohel Moshe.

The kaparot ritual is practiced by some Jews on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. It involves circling a chicken above a practitioner’s head while praying to God to transfer their sins to the animal, respectfully. Once done, the chicken is then killed and its meat given to the poor. The ceremony has caused some controversy with some Jews not only condemning the use of a chicken but instead opting to use money.

Animal rights groups use the fact that some Jews have condemned the ritual as proof that their actions to stop kaparot are not anti-Semitic. But many Jews counter that the confrontations they have had with animal rights groups and some far leftists as resulted in anti-Semitic remarks being made toward them.

During 2003, PETA conducted a Holocaust on your plate campaign on the same day as Holocaust Remembrance Day in which Jewish groups, rightly, decried the effort. It is actions like this that help diminish the tragedy of events, like the Holocaust. This in turn, helps make anti-Semitism acceptable. Below is video footage taken a short time ago outside Congregation Ohel Moshe so you can see the evil of animal rights activists for yourself. I am not a fan of religion but I detest racism even more.

7 thoughts on “The anti-Semitism of animal “rights” activists

  1. You are deliberately trying to confuse ethnic origin with religious slaughter, although the two are quite distinct. Oh, if you think that animal rights activists are ‘anti-semitic’ then you obviously haven’t viewed this website run by two Jewish ‘soccer moms’ in the US.


    1. Not in the least. The ritual involves using a chicken and as humans we have a right to use animals for purposes we deem fit. Because this ritual involves an animal and Jews are the ones performing it the activists saw it fit to hurl anti-Semitic insults. Women and children are dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists yet these people decide to condemn an act performed by Jews that involves using chickens. The fact that some Jews support your side is not an indication that actions, like what is featured in the video, are not anti-Semitic.


      1. Firstly, we do not have the right to use animals as we see fit and secondly, there is nothing in that video that is anti-semitic. It is perfectly legitimate to protest against religious slaughter, whether that be Halal, Kosher or any other similarly brutal method. What there is in the video is a religious fruitcake – every bit as nutty as the Muslim ones – with a chip on his shoulder against Britain, the one country in Europe that stood up to Nazi Germany.


      2. Actually we do. Homosapiens capacity to think and reason is what makes us superior as opposed to animals whom survive primarily by predatory instincts. Animals also have no sense of morality either. In terms of the video, I suggest you go back and re-watch it.

        In it you will see the woman holding the pagan pentagram sign laugh when a Jewish man confronts her tells her and tells her how the British Empire purposely refused to admit Jews before and even after World War II despite full knowledge of what the Nazis were up to. The woman then plays “the world’s smallest violin” for him and all of his “fucking ancestors” when she is confronted with those facts.


      3. ‘You’re a Jew-hater because you come from Britain, you slaughtered us, you put Hitler in power’. Sounds like a Brit-hater to me, but then it’s politically correct to be.


      4. He clarified his statement saying his remarks about the British were not directed at her but to the British Empire. It does not detract from the fact that she decided to hurl anti-Semitic comments when he decided to confront her. That is a clear indication that the animal “rights” movement has totalitarian underpinnings since they cannot and will not debate the merits of their cause but instead resort not just to slander, but also violence and intimidation.


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