The New Normal

Leftist politicians talk about "the new normal" - where the peasants aren't allowed to use cars and air travel as often as they'd like as part of the fulfillment of the Left's green scheme. Meantime, Tony Heller says the Left and their media lapdogs cheer on the economic depression we are in thanks to the … Continue reading The New Normal


What is really going on in the Amazon? Are the "lungs of the world" being destroyed by Bolsinaro's new government? As it turns out the issues are both much more complex - and much more simple - than reported in the mainstream media. Ricardo Salles, Brazil's Minister of the Environment is interviewed by Stefan Molyneux … Continue reading THE AMAZON IS NOT BURNING!

Data on Amazon Rainforest Fires Tell a Much Different Story Than Social Media

Outrage has replaced reason in the debate surrounding biodiversity and poisoned the way we talk about workable solutions. By Bill Wirtz, Thursday, September 5, 2019, Foundation for Economic Education "Our House Is on Fire" It is hard to miss the news reports on the fire in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Millions of people are … Continue reading Data on Amazon Rainforest Fires Tell a Much Different Story Than Social Media

‘Green left propagandists treat the public like fools’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the green left propagandists of the political-media class treat the public like fools. Mr Kenny reveals the hyperventilation surrounding the fires in the Amazon and said the climate alarmism about the entire incident was out of control. PHOTO CREDIT: By Ibama from Brasil - Terra Indígena Porquinhos, Maranhão, CC … Continue reading ‘Green left propagandists treat the public like fools’

Enjoy the Deforestation, Brazil!

A curious but very interesting article in today's Financial Times reporting what seems to be the potential demise of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest at the hands of the country's new President Jair Bolsonaro. According to the FT citing research by Brazil's space agency, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE): Some 3,170 square kilometres of … Continue reading Enjoy the Deforestation, Brazil!

Brazil Among Top Four Deadliest Countries for Environmentalists

A very sobering report was issued by the Non-Governmental Organization Global Witness on Tuesday. According to The Rio Times, Brazil is in the top four countries where environmentalists are likely to be killed in which the Philippines holds the highest number of deaths. Colombia and Guatemala also made the list. It is sobering and, simultaneously, … Continue reading Brazil Among Top Four Deadliest Countries for Environmentalists

Maurice Strong’s Cloak of Green with Elaine Dewar

Dr. Tim Ball authored a commentary published at WattsUpWithThat yesterday reviewing the book Cloak of Green. As it turns out, the book's author (Elaine Dewar) was interviewed a few years ago by radio show host James Corbett where she discusses her book and the passing of environmentalist Maurice Strong.

Environmentalists Lose on Two Legal Fronts

Despite the wave of lawsuits from environmentalist organizations in reaction to the Trump Administration's environmental policies, fortunately, there are (albeit limited) instances where greens have lost. At times governments push back against environmentalists because their policies are will destroy jobs or economic growth. For example, in Massachusetts a federal agency disputed claims made by the … Continue reading Environmentalists Lose on Two Legal Fronts