Cherry Picking Season Arrives in Greenland

The Financial Times has published a misleading article attempting to contribute to the recent climate change hysteria while trying to link climate change with weather despite the fact that weather and climate are not the same.

The FT also admits at least twice in the article’s text that the jet stream (which is the centerpiece of their claim) is still hotly debated by scientists, is central to Greenland’s weather, and controls all kinds of weather conditions. Never mind that during the Medieval Warm Period, Vikings were bailing hay and herding dairy cows when it had more ice then than today which is how Greenland got its name.

In this video, Tony Heller makes fun of the mindless mass hysteria about recent weather in the Arctic.

10 thoughts on “Cherry Picking Season Arrives in Greenland

      • It’s more like leaving climate science to scientists and not politicians. The Left especially has politicized the field in order to use climate science manuscripts in an attempt to achieve their political aims. The consequences have been disastrous in terms of scientific research.


      • You mean as opposed to Leftists who have huge amounts of money due to the money laundering they conduct with their non-profits? How many Republicans are in academia or in the mainstream media?


      • Mainly because republicans have the same low IQ as trump. So lefties are bad for being smart qualified and creative and can run non profits successfully where as republicans avoid taxes (trump still not declared his yet) like Google, amazon and vodaphone because they believe themselves immune to it and above it.


      • Ah yes, there you are misfit …. I mean …. true believer. Keep making a fool of yourself. It is always comforting to accuse your opponents of something your side is notorious for. Along with label your opponents with untrue labels (like alt-right) or make up lies about things like fracking, in order to destroy industries which ruin people’s lives. But what do you care? You’re damn well gonna show us uneducated low-lifes a thing or two because you are Gaia’s gift to the world, huh?


      • Corp rations who make money via fracking and fossil fuel industries. They generate wealth through exploiting the earth’s resources. They deny climate change because it would harm the greedy wealth creation.


      • Quite the contrary. Big green loves climate change because it helps them achieve and maintain political control while keeping up their money making machine.


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