Obviously Thanos is Evil. He’s also Wrong.

Not only is Thanos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful villain, evil … His ideas about overpopulation are wrong. Unfortunately, there are those who do accept his premise and there wasn’t anything presented in the films he appeared in to refute his conclusions. PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube

Corporate Leftist Campaigns Are Not a Formula for Success

In light of Nike’s cancelling of an American flag shoes product, Powerline has an interesting article pointing to a few other examples that corporate America tilts to the Left. As the Powerline essay points out, it must be disheartening for Leftists now-a-days since many of the things they advocate are being adopted by the private…

Radical environmentalists threatening American lives

By Mary Taylor – Guest Columnist The Delaware Gazette Car makers are claiming that they’re so afraid of a temper tantrum by radical environmentalists that they’re actually willing to endure more government regulation and endanger lives rather than stand up to unreasonable fuel efficiency standards. After begging President Trump to loosen the standards imposed by…

A Nuclear Free Economy

In this 1985 presentation, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor explains the real science behind radiation disposal and nuclear energy safety, and exposes the fraudulent government regulations that keep energy prices artificially high at the expense of the consumer.