Listen To The Scientists

We are told every day by the press to listen to the scientists. Tony Heller listens to them very carefully, and that is why he is so concerned about the quality of their work – and what their real agenda is. Paul Ehrlich would be so proud. PHOTO CREDIT: A placard for the so-called March…

Obviously Thanos is Evil. He’s also Wrong.

Not only is Thanos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful villain, evil … His ideas about overpopulation are wrong. Unfortunately, there are those who do accept his premise and there wasn’t anything presented in the films he appeared in to refute his conclusions. PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube

The Environmentalist Bait-and-Switch

Last week Fox News host of “the story” Martha MacCallum interviews the Founder of Last Plastic Straw, Jackie Nunez on plastic straw bans. Notice Nunez initially denies that she supported outlawing straws and then says that every community should decide what they want, which is tantamount to banning straws. In the end Nunez doesn’t condemn…

Paul Ehrlich’s Population Fraud Turns 50

Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s best selling manual of doom, The Population Bomb turns 50 this month. It was during May of 1968 that his best selling, anti-human, neo-Mathusian screed was published. The New York Times produced an excellent video describing the horrible effects of following Ehrlich’s ideas and shows why they ultimately (pun intended) bombed.