Tech Giants Are Driving Us Into a Techno-Dystopian Future

Tim Pool makes the case that, under the guise of social justice, technology companies (like Facebook, Google, and Twitter) have begun removing people they view to be 'unhealthy' for the conversation. But who gives them this right? How long until these companies ban you from finance and the economy for wrongthink? PHOTO CREDIT: By Zbigniew … Continue reading Tech Giants Are Driving Us Into a Techno-Dystopian Future

75th Anniversary of “The Fountainhead”

This month marks the 75th anniversary of Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead. The book has been translated into 29 languages and was Ayn Rand's first major novel and first expression of her philosophy, Objectivism. To this day, The Fountainhead endures, as Ms. Rand put it, not to politics but to man's soul and is a … Continue reading 75th Anniversary of “The Fountainhead”

Cultural Marxism vs Individualism

In this video, Bruno Turner shows how the contemporary Leftist hysteria of Anti-Male, Anti-White, Anti-Trump, Fat Acceptance, Virtue Signaling, and all other kinds of evil, fit into Ayn Rand's description of hatred of the good for being the good. You'll also see that individualism and egalitarianism are polar opposites, and the attempts in certain right … Continue reading Cultural Marxism vs Individualism

Howard Roark’s speech perfectly summarizes struggle of man vs. greens

If there is any speech or collection of words that beautifully summarizes the struggle of companies or individuals vs. environmentalists is Howard Roark's speech in Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead. Here is an excerpt taken from the 1949 film adaptation of her work that starred Gary Cooper.