A Mother’s Battle Against Anti-Vaxxers in California

Brooke Balck was born with a compromised immune system. She takes immunosuppressants, and cannot have vaccines, making her especially vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases, like measles. Shortly after a measles outbreak at Disneyland, Brooke's mother, Jenny, took the fight for her daughter's health to the California legislature. On September 9, of last year, … Continue reading A Mother’s Battle Against Anti-Vaxxers in California

Vaccine Opponent’s False Pro-Choice Paradigm

Did it really have to take a study published in a peer review journal to conclude that opponents of vaccines would resort making them as a civil rights issue? I have interacted with vaccine opponents on many occasions and some are my friends. The vast majority that are involved in politics are anti-vaccine but state … Continue reading Vaccine Opponent’s False Pro-Choice Paradigm

Why Americans Fear the #COVID-19 Vaccine

ReasonTV shows that government failure eroded public trust in vaccines and science. Fact-based persuasion and brutal honesty about scientific uncertainty is the best way to win it back. As an aside, the president did not downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and it is looking like the Russian trolls mentioned are really from China. … Continue reading Why Americans Fear the #COVID-19 Vaccine

The Anti-Vaccination Movement

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) had a fascinating podcast that was done earlier this year that describes not just what the anti-vaccine movement is all about, but it's overall underpinnings. Among them are environmentalist influences which include overlap with animal rights groups. U.C. Berkeley's Dr. Elena Conis was among the historians interviewed in which she … Continue reading The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Bat Examples Give Insights to Virus Immunity

The Financial Times has published a very interesting article on how bats are somehow carriers of coronaviruses that, in turn, spread them and how the animal's immune systems can be used to develop methods for humans to ward viruses off. What bats can teach us about developing immunity to Covid-19 Efforts to develop effective drugs … Continue reading Bat Examples Give Insights to Virus Immunity

“Privacy-Focused Browsers” Help Spread Vaccine Misinformation?

I just looked up the term vaccines autism on DuckDuckGo and the vast majority of the results were pointing to sources such as the Mayo Clinic, CDC, WebMD, the FDA, etc. I had to get pretty far before I found anything resembling what could be an anti-vaccine source. The few that initially appeared in my … Continue reading “Privacy-Focused Browsers” Help Spread Vaccine Misinformation?

DoD Study: Influenza Vaccine May Increase #COVID-19 Risk

It might be a good idea to forgo a flu shot. A Department of Defense study released earlier this year revealed that people who get immunized with a flu shot could increase their risk of contracting non-influenza respiratory illnesses, such as the coronavirus. A manuscript published during 2012 revealed similar outcomes and all of this … Continue reading DoD Study: Influenza Vaccine May Increase #COVID-19 Risk

Environmentalists Feed Right-Wing Vaccine Skepticism

Because of some perceived threat by Bill Gates potentially pushing for mandatory coronavirus vaccines, elements of the Right are drinking anti-vaccine Kool Aid environmentalists, like Joe Mercola and Rep. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., are all too willing to give out with a little help from the National Vaccine Information Center (it isn't). Never forget that … Continue reading Environmentalists Feed Right-Wing Vaccine Skepticism

#COVID-19 Vaccine Search Revives Interest in Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

Despite a lack of a coronavirus vaccine, already conspiracy theories surrounding one are sprouting up and the misinformation they contain can hold up research on a remedy for COVID-19. It's one thing to latch on or look to conspiracy theories to try to make sense of events people do not understand. However, in this case, … Continue reading #COVID-19 Vaccine Search Revives Interest in Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

Media Outlets Try to Smear Anti-Lockdown Protesters

As a result of anti-lockdown protests, some major media outlets, like The Daily Beast, attempt to smear opponents of COVID-19 lockdowns as extremists linking them to anti-vaccine groups. While anti-vaccine opponents may be among their ranks, it is no reason to assume opponents of lockdowns are anti-science, anti-government extremists, or people willing to intentionally ignore … Continue reading Media Outlets Try to Smear Anti-Lockdown Protesters