Natural Climate Change Deniers

Earth has always experienced extreme weather and rapid climate change. But Tony Heller shows natural climate change deniers at the New York Times misinform the public under the guise of fact checking.

Colorado’s New Reality

According to former Colorado resident Tony Heller: Boulder progressives believe that driving electric cars and shutting down the energy supply they need to survive, will prevent Colorado from having the same weather which they have always had. PHOTO CREDIT: Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

States Of Superstition

California government believes they can prevent droughts and forest fires by banning leaf blowers. PHOTO CREDIT: A symbol of bait-and-switch. Something the left does all of the time, as Tony’s example with The New York Times changing after Donald Trump stated something The Times published about California’s poor forest management.

California Braces For More Black-Outs

California’s government has sent everyone a Happy Thanksgiving message in the form of more rolling black outs that, unfortunately, are coming soon. Thanks to heightened wildfire risk, almost 80,000 residents could go without power during the holiday. From the Los Angeles Times: “Communities from Hemet to Ventura may lose power as part of a “public safety… Read More California Braces For More Black-Outs