Animal rights group pays for identities of students who conduct medical animal tests

The National Operation Anti-Vivisection (NOAV) has created jobs for Cambridge students: spy on fellow students who are involved in animal testing. The group is offering money for the identities and personal information of students involved in animal testing. According to the UK Daily Mirror, the group also asks for photographic and written proof of the animal testing in which they pitch it as a way for students to Earn some beer money!

NOAV’s spokesman, William Evans, defended his organization’s efforts stating: People who choose to be involved [in vivisection] deserve to be the target of protest.

He goes on to state:

That would involve protest at the labs, constant information in the press about the research that’s going on, their social lives, they won’t be able to tell.”

People who choose to exploit animals open themselves up to the possibility of personal risk.

The founder of a pro-animal testing group, Tom Holden, points out that these kind of activities discourage people from pursuing the life sciences. He is absolutely right. This attempt by NOAV to pay people to spy in order to find out the identities of students involved in medical testing on animals and the remarks by the group’s head William Evans is nothing more than a veiled threat of potential harm.

I have yet to see any of these so-called animal rights activists offer themselves to take the drugs or subject themselves to the surgeries performed on the animals they save. To borrow from the wisdom of Dr. Edwin Locke, the animal rights movement is about the animalistic treatment of humans and not about saving the lives of animals.