Sierra Club seeks to screw NM dairy farms

The Sierra Club’s New Mexico chapter is suing to change meeting venues. New Mexico’s water quality control board has arranged to have hearings related to environmental rules on dairy farmers in Roswell. To dairy farmers that is a central location where most dairy farmers are located making it easier for them to attend. The Sierra Club, on the other hand, is suing in state court to have the meeting moved to Santa Fe. Doing so would make it easier for the greens and their people to show up.

To justify their suit, the Sierra Club states that it is all about following the law. According to the group’s attorney, as reported by the Quay Country Sun, dairy farms near Las Cruces and El Paso, Texas would not be able to participate if the meeting were held in Roswell. Therefore, Santa Fe is the place the meeting should be held. As the New Mexico Environment Department points out, holding the meeting in Santa Fe would be difficult for dairy farmers and residents near them to attend since most are located near Roswell.

However, the Quay Country Sun reports that dairy farmers contend that the 2009 rules that are the subject of the hearings are unnecessary and costly. If they are allowed to remain it could lead to many dairy farms shutting down. The Sierra Club attorney states the dairy farmers agreed to the rules and that the most of the farms are polluting past their limits. Farmers counter the rules were imposed on them and the Sierra Club’s assertions about pollution are based on biased readings on limited data. The farmers have scientists and studies that debunk the Sierra Club’s science.

The lawsuit seeking to change meeting venues, the claim that following the law is their intent and their questionable interpretations or scientific study related to dairy farm pollution levels points to only one thing: the New Mexico Sierra Club chapter wants to shut down most (if not all) of the state’s dairy farms. In light of this, the mean greenies obviously seek to steer people to consume lower quality foods which would make the human race’s demise easier. In the case of dairy, environmentalists are active in the raw milk movement since they tend to be drawn to foods resulting from so-called natural processes. If so, like organic food, raw milk isn’t exactly safe either.

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