Animal “Rights” Thugs Terrorize UK Butchers

Terrorists with the Animal Liberation Front are terrorizing the owners of a family-run butcher shop in Ashford, England. According to the UK Daily Mail, the Marlow Butchers shop has been open for over 50 years, but because of numerous messages on their Facebook page and graffiti messages scrawled on their store front, the Marlow family is living in fear.

Not only does Marlow Butchers receive negative reviews from animal rights sympathizers, but the Marlows have even gotten continuous threats to have their business physically destroyed by either firebomb or smashing windows. They can’t understand why their establishment is the target of this harassment campaign when supermarkets have butchers and sell meat too. Ironically enough, the paints and glues ALF punks use to vandalize the Marlow’s butcher shop contain animal by-products too.

Kent police are investigating the incidents and the local community has been supportive. None the less, the ALF terrorists and their cohorts have targeted a business that has few resources to fight back and can be shut down quickly because it is independently owned and operated. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that one of the Marlow Brothers’ competitor’s is funding or somehow behind the terror campaign.

Groups, like Animal Liberation Front, are nothing more than a gang of gutless punks who seek to strong arm businesses to halt the sale of meat products. Their end goal is to not only end human flourishing and enjoyment but kill off humans in general by seeking to shrink the food supply.

11 thoughts on “Animal “Rights” Thugs Terrorize UK Butchers

    • Each and every claim made like that has been debunked on this website. The group or people doing so either drop context or purposely misrepresent the circumstances surrounding the so-called abuse. If actual abuse is found by an actual investigation then the people involved should lose their jobs and/or be fined. However, in the case of PETA and other so-called animal rights groups they purposely lie in order to shut down meat-related companies or businesses.


      • Personally, I dont hold the farmers solely responsible for the needless deaths.
        Consumers are the ones who are the guiltiest for funding animal agriculture industries.


      • Either farmers are involved in the abuse or they aren’t. Either there are absolutes or there are not. If by your philosophy animals are sentient beings then their captivity, slaughter and even using their body function products (like milk) is tantamount to abuse and their slaughter is murder.

        You’re giving sanction to beings that have no remorse nor for your existence nor do they care whether or not you eat them. Animals exist mainly by perceptual, predatory instincts and lack the capacity of deliberation and choice humans have. If animals get the same rights as humans you will not like the outcome.


      • Farmers are most certainly a big part of the abuse.
        “Abuse” being the unnecessary enslavement, use, and early deaths.

        However, consumers are ultimately the most responsible for funding the continued existence of the animal agriculture industries.

        We have no need to cause their suffering and early death, therefore it is unethical to (knowingly) do so, period.

        We have no need for animal products, its just that simple.


      • Yes we do since meat has been scientifically proven to help in brain development especially in our early years. Doctors strongly recommend babies be fed meat since it helps develops their brains. There was an Italian vegan couple that nearly lost custody of their child because they chose not to feed their baby meat. Thankfully, they ended up agreeing and did so.

        If you don’t want to eat meat or use products that involve using animals fine by me. Don’t think you have a right to impinge on my right to do so. Animals are a resource like any other on this planet and when it comes down to it and in the end, as a species we have a moral and ethical right to exploit their use to help us live, survive and prosper.


      • Humans have absolutely no dietary need for animal products of any kind (according to the largest diet and nutrition organization in the world, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).
        There is not one single thing we need that we cant get on a fully dairy-free, egg-free, meat-free, plant-based diet.
        Doctors are not dieticians, their education has nothing to do with diet or nutrition, they specialize in medicine.
        Nutritionists and dieticians should be consulted about nutrition and diet, and any honest one worth their pay will recommend a plant-based diet.
        Meat, dairy, and eggs help us die early after suffering with the leading diseases and conditions, not survive or prosper.


      • Everything I said is still 100% accurate.

        There is nothing we need that cant be gotten in abundance on a vegan diet.

        Not one single thing.

        Using other species for things we don’t need will never be ethical, no matter how many articles you link.


      • You certainly have the right. But the law allowing people the right to buy product does not justify that product creating unnecessary victims.

        What is legal and what we have the right to do is not always aligned with what’s ethical for us to do.
        In several countries people have the right to beat their wives and children, no less than you and I have the right to buy animal products.


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