Israel’s top scientists want restrictions eased on animal testing

If there was any evidence pointing to the necessity of using animals for medical research, this is it. JSpace News reports that Israel’s top scientists including seven Nobel prize winners and the Presidents of seven Israeli universities have signed a joint letter urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support relaxing rules on medical research involving animals. The scientists point out that present restrictions make it extremely difficult to carry out advanced research while new regulations would make the situation worse.

Under Israeli law, an agency known as the National Council for Animal Experimentation may ban testing on animals used in medical experiments if a reasonable alternative exists. I have not been able to find any sources on how animal medical testing is regulated there. The efforts of animal rights groups to block this practice, the letter says, could lead to many scientists being unable to continue their experimentation. New rules on medical research involving animals would prevent new findings for medical treatments and cures for diseases. JSpace quotes the letter stating:

“Research in Israel has lead to significant breakthroughs in the scientific and biomedical knowledge and some of them have led to the development of drugs and treatments for incurable and chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, cancers, Alzheimer’s, blindness, schizophrenia and many other diseases,” the letter read.

Scientists warn that medical research in Israel is in real danger and allowing researchers the freedom to utilize animals will enable the country to remain one of the top scientific research destinations in the world. Apparently, the country has a growing animal rights community which is highly influential. In light of this, a letter from researchers asking Israel’s Prime Minister to loosen rules on medical testing on animals is not surprising.

For someone like myself who likes meat, leather, animal fur and supports using animals for medical research I do not support animal rights. That does not mean I condone animal cruelty. However, rights depend on a being’s ability of rational thought. Animals are devoid of any such ability since predatory instincts are an animal’s primary means of survival. Therefore, humans using animals for medical tests, clothing and even food is proper.

In terms of human interactions with animals, pro-animal groups (like PETA) have an opportunity to educate and persuade people on ethical conduct toward animals. However, you notice instead they resort instead to force (ex: lobby to ban certain practices involving animals), fear (ex: bomb threats against and vandalism of medical labs that use animals for experimentation) and intimidation (ex: stage protests in shopping malls and grocery stores that sell animal-related products). Animal rights groups’ actions alone should tell you something about their true intent: the eradication of the human race.