Animal “rights” campaign forces British nightclub to dump tropical fish

Britain’s Orange Rooms is a staple nightclub in Bedford Place, Southhampton. Since 2001 it has been known not only for its retro decor, great music and relaxed atmosphere, but even its vegetarian piranha fish named Ratsy, Reiss, Terrance and Bazza are a fixture in the establishment. Now, thanks to a local animal rights campaign, the nightclub’s owners have decided to send the piranhas elsewhere. According to The Daily Echo, the campaign’s petition for fish liberation claimed the piranha were in unacceptable conditions. It also alleged the tanks to house the piranhas were too small and the setting was inappropriate.

The Orange Rooms attract a lot of students from nearby colleges, respectfully. One student named Corrine Dugdale was so bothered by the piranha’s arrangements that she took out a petition and garnered 55 signatures demanding the restaurant find other accommodations for the four piranha.

I thought these fish were too big for the tank, it was quite distressing and it was hard to see them in such a small location, Dugdale told The Daily Echo. I’ve always been interested in animal rights since I was little and I find it very moving.

I guess she didn’t stop to think about how esthetically valuable the fish are to customers other than her? Obviously not, since animal rights activists do care about humans (including themselves) anyway. Among some of the claims made in Dugdale’s petition, it states:

The upstairs tanks are particularly distressing: one of these tanks houses four large fish in extremely cramped conditions at ground level. These fish cannot avoid close contact with the other fish around them.


As well as the size issue, Orange Rooms is a night club/bar venue and the music is extremely loud and full of bass sounds. This is not an appropriate environment for the fish who cannot escape.

Since last year the Orange Rooms management have been searching for a new home for the fish. So far no one has expressed an interest in taking them. A local zoo they approached stated they couldn’t due to new aquatic laws. The restaurant insists they have been taking good care of the piranha by feeding them every day and cleaning the fish tank every other week. In a statement, the restaurant said:

We were surprised about the petition, but at the end of the day they are animals in a nightclub environment, but they have been very popular with the punters here and they are well looked after.

Not only do England’s aquatic laws prevent the zoo from taking the fish but this is yet another example of how animal rights activists view their cause. As per the restaurant’s statement that the fish are popular with its customers, one person dedicated to animal welfare raises a stink and it ruins it for everyone else. The Orange Room should reconsider and leave the piranha in their tank. If the restaurant decides to sell or move the fish it should be because the night club deems it in its best interest and not give in to the demands of busy-bodies who prefer the welfare of animals over humans.

The aim of this animal rights activist is an extension of other efforts to prevent the use of animals for use by humans for entertainment, companionship or (in this case) some sort of esthetic value. It has long been proven that watching fish can relieve stress. By removing fish for domesticated purposes (like in nightclub fish tanks) I suppose this is one other way animal rights activists can kill humans off. Remove fish as a means of relieving human stress and more people die from stress-related illnesses like heart attacks and strokes.