U.S. Experts Worried About #COVID-19 Immunization Gaps

While almost half of the population of the United States is immunized from COVID-19, according to the Associated Press, the remaining parts of the population have decided not to get their shots. This is concerning, but, in many ways, makes sense. Since the vaccines have been released for emergency authorization, it means a lot of the regulatory procedures used to get them released were waived or removed.

Most likely, people are waiting for more data before deciding to get vaccinated. While I got fully immunized last week and urge all of you to get vaccinated, I also think it is reasonable for people to wait-and-see and doing so doesn’t mean they’re are against vaccines. However, what didn’t help were the mixed messages leaders like Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci were sending about the vaccine’s effectiveness and that may be the primary reason why a lot of people have decided to wait.

Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay