Nebraska court approves Keystone pipeline route

After six years of litigation, the Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the route for the Keystone pipeline though the state. According to CBS News, the Governor and legislature approved the path for it but was taken to court by the Sierra Club. By approving the plan the decision now rests with the White House. However, despite Republicans vowing to pass a bill allowing for the pipeline’s construction, President Obama has promised to veto it.

What is striking about this issue, isn’t the drama in Washington DC over the pipeline but what environmentalists are saying about the extraction and transport of Canadian tar sands that the pipeline will enable. While researching topics for today, I happened across a very revealing news article from NPR affiliate WTVF profiling efforts of Greenpeace Canada activist Mike Hudema. In the article, Hudema (who has family members that work in Alberta’s oil fields) feels victorious when oil companies delay projects in his country’s oil sands.

“When we talk about tar sands development we’re talking about going against the biggest carbon bullies on the plant,” Hudema says. “Every major multinational oil company is involved in this development.”

Comparing their resources to his, Hudema says he thinks environmental groups are doing a pretty good job. And every day that Alberta’s tar sands oil stays in the ground is another victory.

In addition to wanting to leave tar sands oil in the ground, the latest environmentalist talking point is for industrial society to be fossil-fuel free. Each of these ideas environmentalists advocate is to result in one thing and one thing only, the end of civilization as we know it. Fossil fuel use enables mankind (especially people in the West) to enjoy the luxuries and lifestyles we enjoy. Leaving oil in the ground and goals of being fossil-fuel free is nothing more than feel-good rhetoric to hide the true intent of environmentalist’s hostility to us and our way of life.