California Braces For More Black-Outs

California’s government has sent everyone a Happy Thanksgiving message in the form of more rolling black outs that, unfortunately, are coming soon. Thanks to heightened wildfire risk, almost 80,000 residents could go without power during the holiday. From the Los Angeles Times:

“Communities from Hemet to Ventura may lose power as part of a “public safety power shut-off” intended to keep electrical systems from becoming a source of wildfire ignition, as forecasts call for gusty Santa Ana winds and dry conditions across the Southland.

The National Weather Service said the powerful winds were expected to begin Thursday and last through Friday evening.

Gusts of up to 65 mph could pummel parts of the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Clarita Valley, San Gabriel Mountains and Malibu, said meteorologist Ryan Kittell of the National Weather Service in Oxnard.”

Unfortunately, this decision is the result of Southern California Edison’s determination to maintain their intentions decided earlier in the year to shut off power appertaining to wind-speed findings. From KTLA:

“Last month, SCE faced criticism for not immediately enforcing preemptive shutoffs that could have prevented a wildfire that threatened residents as Santa Anas pummeled the Irvine area. Utility officials defended the decision, saying wind speeds in the region did not initially reach the threshold to cut electricity.

Edison later shut off power for about 1900 customers.”

But depending on the severity of the Santa Ana Winds, unfortunately, KABC reports close to 5 million Golden State residents could end up without power during Thanksgiving. Fortunately, many Californians are starting to wise-up and directing their ire at the politicians in Sacramento who got them into this mess in the first place.

The once great state of California has now degenerated into a feudalistic social democracy with people fleeing by the thousands each year. What is telling is the Golden State political class’s reaction to the exodus as articulated by former governor Jerry Brown. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Brown said:

“Tell me: Where are you going to go?” Mr. Brown continued. “What’s your alternative? Maybe Canada. You’re going to go to places like Iowa, where you have intensifying tornadoes? The fact is, we have a global crisis that has been mounting and the scientists have been telling us about. For the most part, it’s been ignored. Now we have a graphic example.”

Brown even shrugged off his state’s problems six years before that, quoted by The Wall Street Journal saying:

“We’ve got a few problems, we have lots of little burdens and regulations and taxes,” he said in 2014. “But smart people figure out how to make it.”

Brown’s reactions and the lock environmentalists, if not the entire political Left, have on California’s politics should be a clear indication that they really do not care about their residents, nor the state’s overall quality of life. The green and COVID-19 policies are now a means to either drive people out or kill them off.

Imagine someone who has a medical condition living at home that needs electricity due to equipment they use to sustain their life. If they live in the areas affected by wildfires, the power outages could be a death sentence.

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