Kentucky horse trainers cleared of PeTA allegations

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has cleared a top trainer and his assistant stemming from allegations from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) that they had conducted horse breeding violations. Horsetalk reports that Steve Asmussen and his assistant, Scott Blasi were accused by PeTA of animal cruelty and rule violations and petitioned the KHRC to investigate. Apparently, PeTA had video footage taken by an undercover informant that was part of the claims made against Asmussen and Blasi.

The commission spent 10 months investigating the claims including hundreds of hours dissecting PeTA’s video in which it was determined that the footage had been dubbed and edited. The animal rights group refused requests to by the commission for the unedited version of their video and other materials related to their 10-page complaint made against the two men last March. Fortunately, the two individuals accused of wrong doing were cleared since no evidence was found substantiating PeTA’s accusations. However, the New York State Gaming Commission is also investigating the two gentlemen based on the same allegations made by PeTA. Hopefully, they will be cleared there too.

This goes to show the kind of tactics they use against people involved in the trade of using animals for sport. PeTA hates the idea that animals can be used for human entertainment so they will not only protest but also lie. Fortunately, Steve Asmussen and Scott Blasi were acquitted. But the point was obviously an attempt to intimidate the two men and make examples out of them so other horse trainers would take note that they could be next. PeTA not only lies about animal abuse in facilities like those for horse training but they also support efforts at vandalism. The group has supported Animal Liberation Front activists with legal and financial help in fighting charges that ALF terrorists vandalized labs that use animals in medical tests.

Just goes to show that PeTA really stands for People for Extortion, Terror and Abuse of human beings.