Matthew McConaughey receives threats from animal “rights” groups

Interstellar star Matthew McConaughey is being attacked by animal rights groups over an alleged canned hunting farm he owns. His 22,000 acre Texas LP Ranch is supposedly used to allow McConaughey to hunt deer and The Indian Express reports animal rights groups have started an online petition calling on the Hollywood movie star to rescind his ownership.

McConaughey states he has received death threats from animal rights activists who do not understand what the ranch is all about. He states We’re proud of what we do. The practice of canned hunting is to limit a specific species of animal in a plot of land that is cordoned off for the purpose of trophy hunting, respectfully. Many animals can be bred for just such a purpose. Groups like the Humane Society reel against such a practice because the animal in question has no chance to escape. For that reason, animal rights group allege canned hunting is cruel.

I have little knowledge of the practice of captive hunting, but I see nothing in the descriptions I have read of the practice or that the animal is treated cruelly or in a manner detrimental to its life. It will, however, end up not only as a trophy but the meat of the deer will probably end up on Matthew McConaughey’s dinner plate. If I was to hunt, I would prefer the normal way of pursuing an animal in forests or territory where it lives. McConaughey, for whatever reason, has opted instead to use a captive hunting ranch.

Regardless of how one feels about the practice of captive or canned hunting, the fact that someone issues death threats for someone doing it is not only wrong but nihilistic and ridiculous. Matthew McConaughey’s owning a captive hunting ranch or even participating in the practice is not illegal under Texas law and what he is doing is perfectly legal and moral. Unlike humans, animals only survive on predatory instincts and do not have the rational faculties of humans or the capacity of rational though. McConaughey is within his moral and legal right to own a ranch for and participate in captive hunting.