Greenpeace caught trying to enlarge its volunteer army

An intrepid blogger named Cody Battershill at Huffington Post Canada happened upon an interesting tweet the other day. A Greenpeace Canada staff member put out a tweet stating his organization was seeking college students to work as unpaid, volunteer interns. The only thing is is that if you are a college student it is a sure way to drive you into poverty. However, one thing the group did not take into account is that volunteer interns are, essentially, outlawed under Canadian law. After looking into how interns are treated under Canadian labor laws, Mr. Battershill states Canada’s Labor Department says:

“Generally, if you perform work for another person or a company or other organization and you are not in business for yourself, you would be considered to be an employee, and therefore entitled to Employment Standards Act rights such as the minimum wage. There are some exceptions, but they are very limited, and the fact that you are called an intern is not relevant.”

Upon finding this out and contacting Greenpeace via social media last week, the tweets and advertisements seeking volunteer interns disappeared. One Canadian labor lawyer berated the green group for attempting to run illegal, unpaid intern scams in which he accused Greenpeace as supervising a number of them. Mr. Battershill also states that in 1992 some Greenpeace interns decided to form a union in order only for the effort’s organizers and supporters to be intimidated and kicked out. One intern who headed the union effort was fired for no reason only to be reinstated by the Ontaio Board of Labor.

Not only did Greenpeace attempt to skirt Canada’s labor laws then like it attempted to do now, but I also happen to think that they recruit college students as unpaid interns in order to enlarge their army of activists to send abroad on their eco-terror missions. All expense paid trips to send young, energetic and even naive college students to help destroy industrial civilization by protesting or sabotaging oil rigs and other energy-based facilities on sea or land, or to help defend whales and other wildlife from evil fishing or whaling companies involved in their trade os people can consume sea animals or make a living.

Yet, as Cody Battershill correctly points out, Greenpeace’s income is over $400 million annually. But they cannot see fit to pay interns wages much less fund preserves or some sort of conservation efforts to protect wildlife species they seek to defend from capture or consumption. It’s clear Greenpeace would rather take advantage of poor, unsuspecting college students and use them in an attempt to have a no-frills army of people the group can use for their own purposes in their war against humanity. This while Greenpeace higher ups play the role of armchair generals, lining their pockets with donated money and other fringe benefits, benefiting at the expense of the people they recruit to do Greenpeace’s dirty work. Not very progressive if you ask me.