Two technologies worth watching

I will take an albeit brief break from posting about the environmentalist movement’s holy war against mankind to point out two technologies that will be groundbreaking if they are put to use. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

In Boston, Massachusetts a new start up may have the solution to filtering or cleaning water used during fracking. CBNC reports Oasys Water has secured millions of dollars in financing, a number of patents and partnered with two other companies to help manufacture its water purification technology that hopefully will be out at the forefront fossil fuel industries.

Basically, Oasys’ water purification system reuses and purifies the water used during the hydraulic fracturing process. The company’s product encompasses the three components used in forward-osmosis technology that enables this. Any concerns about groundwater pollution are put to bed thanks to this new, innovative industrial water filtration system.

Any concerns about drought in California, the southwestern US or anywhere else maybe a thing of the past thanks to water desalination technology. Science Daily reveals scientists at Humboldt State University and University of Southern California are working on a filtration water system that can convert sea water into drinking water.

Such systems typically were expensive and used a lot of power to operate. But researchers on the project think they have developed a method that is inexpensive and uses less energy. The process known as pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) uses thirty percent less energy than the previous methods.

The advances in technology that address these two issues that came up about fracking and drought are truly remarkable since they both can (in theory) satisfy environmentalist needs while tending to the needs of humans. But make no mistake, the facilities needed to make and house these products can come under green scrutiny too as environmentalist lawyers love to sharpen their swords so they can sue to hold up technological advances like this in order to maintain the status quo since keeping things the same gives them something to whine and complain about.