CBD calls for moratorium of oil transportation by train

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) issued a press release today calling for a moratorium on the transportation of oil by train. The statement cites a US Department of Transportation study which predicts that trains carrying crude oil or natural gas will derail a total of 10 times per year, resulting in billions of dollars in damage and many lives taken. CBD also released its own report revealing the alleged risks to people and the environment in which the group calls for an immediate moratorium of oil transport by rail.

Yes there are some risks with oil transport by train, but if environmentalists are so concerned about the volatility of crude transport by rail then they should support pipelines since that is the safest manner to transport oil with little impact to the environment. Not surprisingly, they do not. The remaining transportation methods, however, result in larger carbon emissions than pipelines. This is obviously what organizations like the Center for Biological Studies wants since transport by boat, truck or train also means increased risk of accidents. This, in turn, gives environmentalist groups the ammunition they need to call for more rules on economic activity like they are doing with this report.

Environmentalists are not concerned about global warming or even the environment because what they ultimately want is political control over us and our way of life. Organizations like Center for Biological Studies oppose construction of pipelines because it not only gives them more political ammunition with other transportation methods for oil but also the fact that environmentalists are anti-progress and anti-civilization.