Charges dropped against animal “rights” activists

The Hendry County, Florida Attorney’s Office has dropped charges against animal rights activists accused of trespassing on a farm that breeds monkeys for animal research. The Sun Sentinel reports that the three individuals entered a property owned by the Mannheimer Foundation without permission. Apparently, Hendry County is growing as an epicenter for breeding monkeys for scientific research, respectfully.

The charges were dropped when it became known the the NO TRESPASSING signs were not adequately displayed. This does not, however, excuse the activists for the immorality of their act. They entered the monkey breeding facility knowing it was wrong and knowing they should not have been there. Trespassing is a regular practice for so-called animal rights activists out of a notion that they have to somehow break the law in order to save the lives of animals. In this case monkeys.

The monkeys in question are being used for important medical and scientific research. As a species it is our moral right not just to stop people from attempting to prevent vivisection but also to use animals in a manner that enhances our survival. In this case it is to use animals for medical testing and experimentation. Animals are a resource no different than coal, oil or any other Earthly resource and it is within our rights as a species to ensure human survival and flourishing.