Why environmentalists want larger deer populations

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette published an article highlighting the controversy surrounding Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania’s cull program that involves killing white-tailed deer to thin the animal’s population. Animal rights protesters decry such efforts equating the cull program as a slaughter and will do anything they can to stop it. The cull program involves volunteer archers or hunters who kill a set number of does in order to keep the region’s deer population in check.

If the deer population was left unchecked it would grow exponentially and, consequently, it would result in more negative deer to human contacts. The Post-Gazette reports municipal records indicate a spike in deer-vehicle collisions from 23 in 2011, to 49 in 2012, and 43 in 2013.

But a large deer population doesn’t just have a negative impact on forest regeneration and plant growth, as the spokesperson for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy states. The reason why environmentalists want larger deer populations is not for the reasons of preserving the species but a much more perverse reason.

The Missouri Department of Conservation website offers insight into the reason to avoid contact with deer. The post at the bureaucracy’s website states there is a breed of tick that carries lyme disease and deer are one of many animals that have ticks on them that can carry and spread the disease.

Lyme disease is a deadly, painful illness, and since environmentalists hate humans their opposition to deer hunting and cull programs to keep the animal’s population down makes sense. By allowing deer populations to grow, the risk of humans catching lyme disease goes up due to the likelihood of increased contact which, in turn, leads to more humans becoming ill or even dying if they become infected.

Environmentalists like to portray their efforts of saving animal species as a noble gesture conjuring up images of popular films, like Bambi, in an attempt to pull out our heartstrings. Yet if one considers the true intent of their actions with animals, like deer, one realizes the mischievous reason why environmentalists oppose hunting and curbing animal populations. It is nothing more than another back handed attempt to infect humans with a disease in hopes of killing mankind off.