How PeTA harassed Maine’s lobster industry

Chris Schorr of The Bangor Daily News has written an essay on how People for the Extortion, Terror and Abuse of human beings (PeTA) harassed Maine’s lobster industry. During October of 2013 Schorr attended a protest outside LL Bean heiress Linda Bean’s restaurant located in Freeport. There, a protest hosted by a local PeTA affiliate decried the treatment of lobsters and crabs at a processing plant also owned by Bean.

Ms. Schorr was there to express solidarity with the lobster industry. Almost from the beginning, she saw that it was a campaign attempting to build on some footage taken at the Bean lobster farm. While Schorr is not a fan of the Beans, nothing illegal took place at the plant and the video posted below is typical of what happens at any lobster processing facility. PeTA supporters were bussed and even flown in from as far as California in order to attend the protest. The group also claimed that their video convinced a local sports team, the Portland Sea Dogs, to cancel a contract they had with the Beans but the sports franchise said it was cancelled for business reasons and not due to the footage.

While she is sympathetic to more humane treatment of animals during food processing, ultimately, Ms. Schorr’s essay is in defense of her state’s culture and traditions. Especially the state’s lobster industry. This anti-lobster is yet another example of how PeTA outright lies about a specific business they target. In the case of Maine’s lobster industry, it is a way to gross people out so people will think twice about eating lobster. Personally, out of all of the sea creatures I prefer crab and fish in the salmon family. However, unlike PeTA, I do not make it a point to lie or twist the truth in order to lead people to embrace my dietary choices since I do not think I know what is best for other people.