Animal “rights” group alleges chicken torture at supermarket … or do they?

The animal rights group Mercy for Animals is up in arms about abuse that they allege is going on at a Wyoming wholesale food and restaurant supplier. Michigan Live reports the animal rights organization has obtained footage taken from a meat processing plant owned by Wayne Farms that shows chickens are being tortured during the slaughter process. The group got one of its activists to get hired as a production worker where he/she filmed plant workers conducting numerous inhumane acts.

I watched the video and, while it is disturbing, there is still that pesky Petaluma, California incident that comes to mind. You all remember, don’t you? That’s the one where the Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) lied to authorities about ducks being treated inhumanely at a local duck farm. When local police arrived there was no mistreatment as the group claimed and the farm was conducting business that is standard for a slaughterhouse.

Then there is the video the group filmed at a Wisconsin dairy farm. There the workers there stood accused of abusing cows. It was later determined, however, that the employees used their methods in order to get the cows up from the floor or they could die. Slowly, Groups like Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) and PeTA not only intentionally lie about animal abuse but ultimately seek to achieve their goal of forcing others to become vegans. In any event, I have found another reason to have chicken for dinner tomorrow night.