Sierra Club opposes Arizona gas-fired power plant

Arizona Public Service (APS) owns its Ocotillo gas-fired power plant located near a Tempe mall that they would like to upgrade the generators to newer ones. The Arizona Republic reports the Sierra Club has registered its objections in the form of a 57-page critique to Maricopa County regulators claiming that the upgrades on the plant’s generators will produce carbon emissions equal to a coal-fired power plant. Instead, the group suggests, APS should consider adding battery storage for electricity. APS states the plant is needed to meet power demands. Solar panels can produce power for its customers during the day when the sun is out, but when sunlight diminishes other power plants (including its Ocotillo facility) kick in to meet demand.

This article highlights the paradox of renewable energy. On the one hand environmentalist groups state they want to ween countries off fossil fuels but then oppose efforts to do just that. In this case it also involves a natural gas plant whose generators will be upgraded with more power capacity in order to service customers but fire up when the sun goes down or is blocked in some way. Renewable power sources are not a reliable source of energy. This is due to fossil fuel power sources being used when wind and solar powered plants are not generating energy due to changes in the weather.

The purpose of renewable energy schemes (in this case solar power) is not to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but to put in place policies that environmentalists wanted to be the monopoly power source in order to benefit the industries they supported. Natural gas itself is also a renewable energy source. Yet the Sierra Club sees it fit to oppose upgrades to a plant whose power source’s carbon emissions are very low when compared to coal or oil. Ultimately, the unreliability of them will ultimately result in humans not having power at all had fossil fuel-based power sources not been in place as backups. Environmentalist group’s advocacy for renewable energy was merely a tactical argument to be made in order help rob mankind of the ability to prosper and live since energy is the basis of civilization.