Clowns brawl with animal “rights” protesters at San Bernardino circus

Hundreds of circus attendees watched a fight break out when animal rights protesters attempted to force their way into a circus being held in San Bernardino, California. According to KNBC News out of Los Angeles, two Ramos Brothers circus workers were injured after trying to prevent animal rights protesters from entering their tent.

Ringmaster Oliver Ramos stated his lip was split after being hit in the face with a megaphone he used when attempting to keep protesters outside. The animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere claimed they were protesting non-violently but were locked in the property and weren’t able to get out since they were attacked by circus employees.

Ramos states he doesn’t have a problem with protesters but wants hm to stay off the property. He condemns them for being crazy fanatics and I can’t say I blame him. The fact that the protesters claimed they were locked in and couldn’t get out clearly indicates they were on the property without Ramos’ consent and did, in fact, attempt to storm the circus’ show. The circus has been the subject of prior harassment by animal rights groups. One successfully prevented the city of Norwalk, California from issuing a permit to Ramos Brothers during May of last year.

Video footage was taken you can view below by Direct Action Everywhere in which you see in numerous instances the protesters are on the property the circus rents. The forcible removal of them by circus employees is also wrong but the protesters are ultimately at fault for persisting in their refusal to obey Ramos Circus’ demands to get off the property. If you live in California and Ramos Circus comes to your area, please consider attending their events. Not just to support them but to reject the anti-human premise of the groups that harass them.