The coming green civil war: birds vs. renewables

Tulsa World out of Oklahoma recently reported of a conflict among environmentalist groups that is tantamount to a cvil war among green groups. A gentleman named John Kennington who is a member of the Tulsa Audubon Society and heads up the Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival recently challenged the Sierra Club’s position supporting wind mill farms since they would result in affecting the dwindling populations of prairie grouse and other migratory birds.

“If the proposal outlined (by the Sierra Club) is approved, we will see an exponential increase in the number of wind turbines across Oklahoma. The impact on lesser prairie chickens, eagles, other raptors, migratory birds and other wildlife, particularly bats, will be devastating,” Kennington wrote. “I really hate to see people who care about our environment disagree, but many of us feel this is a very misguided position.”

Kennington also said that thing to mitigate the negative factors associated with wind and solar power was not enough. Not only are a number of birds killed by rotating wind mill blades, birds can suffer painful deaths by being burned or disintegrated since they mistake their reflections in solar panels they fly near as an indication of another of their species. Despite wind and solar renewable energy sources being pushed by environmentalists as the replacement for fossil fuel sources (such as coal), up until now, what was missing from the dialogue is how much these two energy sources negatively affect bird populations.

I suspect that down the line this will be more of a point of contention among greens as to which method should be used to replace fossil fuels. The disagreement over wind and solar power will replace the dialogue on their campaigns against things like coal and gas because of the bird populations (including endangered species) that will be affected. Environmentalists will end up fighting among themselves over the trade off between life and death of a form of nature they claim to value. Mankind maybe all the better for their infighting due to this distraction.

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