Nunavut rebukes Greenpeace olive branch

Recently, Greenpeace has been attempting to make overtures toward Canada’s Nunavut community over their campaign to halt whale and seal hunts that ended up badly affecting the community’s economy, Thanks to Greenpeace’s efforts, The Arctic Journal reports, many seal products Nunavut uses to maintain its community have been undermined. With recent efforts at oil drilling Greenpeace told Nunavut residents that it would leave a mess and the group will be opposed to seismic testing going on in the area as well. All of this being done in hopes of winning over the Inuit in order to oppose arctic drilling.

None of that was enough to impress Inuit tribe members who obviously feel violated resulting from Greenpeace’s betrayal. Despite the green group’s reversal on their opposition to the Inuit whale hunt, Nunavutans think Greenpeace should either pay them compensation or be shut down entirely for what they did. National Post points out the controversy surrounding Greenpeace in Nunavut is the result of their 30 year opposition to whale and seal hunting. Greenpeace is not only blamed for destroying one of the region’s only revenue sources, but for driving once-proud hunters to welfare dependency and even suicide.<br /.

The tragedy in all of this is that a people and their way of life have been destroyed by the efforts of environmentalists who sought to save whales and seals and sacrificed the lives of native Canadian Indians in the process. This and what is in Phelim McAleer’s movie Mine Your Own Business are examples of environmentalists who sacrifice human beings to the needs of nature.