Environmentalists seek to stop Six Flags solar farm

Over a week ago, I blogged about a solar farm Six Flags had proposed to build at their Jackson, New Jersey theme park. While the plan includes cutting down almost 19,000 trees, but is projected by Six Flags to cut down on greenhouse gasses the entertainment venue emits. In light of this proposal you would think environmentalists would jump for joy at such an announcement since Six Flags is being socially responsible for going green, right? Wrong!

The Associated Press reports that environmentalist groups have filed a lawsuit to halt the sole farm’s construction. They state not only is it illogical to cut down trees to build the solar facility but they claim that the amusement park’s buildings and parking lots would be a better location. In other words, they would rather the solar farm not be built at all. This despite the fact that Six Flags did a study and concluded their solar plan would reduce greenhouse gasses their facility emits.

There are multiple instances when green groups have lobbied and sued to obstruct the construction of renewable energy sources. In Scotland, one environmentalist group is campaigning to halt construction of a wind farm that will be based near Loch Ness lake alleging the wind farm will be an environmental disaster. In New York, an environmentalist group is suing to block the approval of a power plant being brought online located on the Hudson River. The facility would use natural gas as its power source but Riverkeeper alleges the plant would pose a hazard to fish. Just last month in Monterey County, California, Defenders of Wildlife in conjunction with other environmentalist groups filed objections with county officials in order to halt construction of a solar power plant that would benefit Apple Computer company.

Most recently, in San Diego, California, Backcountry Against Dumps (BAD) filed a lawsuit in San Diego County court to prevent the construction of a solar power facility from being built. According to Courthouse News Service, the group contends that plant construction will destroy 1,185 acres of irreplaceable wildlife habitat and undeveloped open space, and replace it with industrial-scale energy development that will cut through the heart of the quiet and scenic Boulevard community,” while depleting groundwater resources, reducing agricultural land, and destroy scenic views with transmission lines supported by poles up to 150 feet tall.

Not only do environmentalists oppose fossil fuels, they also end up opposing their own schemes in order to cut back on greenhouse gasses. In the case of New Jersey since green groups won’t get any monetary benefit from Six Flags’ idea they and allies like Jim Florio condemn it. Environmentalist renewables schemes are not only inadequate for our power needs but green will also oppose facilities that utilize alternate power sources like natural gas and (in this case) solar. Environmentalists are not only anti-industry and anti-civilization and but are also pushing renewables in order for them to profit from them. Greens want their energy sources and ideas to reign supreme along with the money that goes along with them.