Aussie animal “rights” activist home raided for farm footage

Farm Weekly reports that New South Wales and South Australian police raided the home of animal rights activist Chris DelForce of Adelaide. The raid is part of an ongoing investigation by police into video footage at Australian animal rights groups websites taken at pig farms. A large quantity of cameras and other items were seized by police in DelForce’s home.

DelForce produced a documentary entitled Lucent which is alleged to expose the darker side of Australian pig farming in which the film combines hand-held and hidden camera footage. DelForce alleges that he has exposed animal cruelty at his website and does call for pig farms to be shut down. As it turns out, owners of Blantyre Farms uncovered hidden cameras in the false ceiling of a furrowing house a couple of years ago. This in addition to having three different instances when Blantyre Farm employees discovered trespassers who were unsuccessfully pursued.

By the end of 2014, DelForce boasted through his website, Aussie Farms, he would expose animal cruelty on 100 pig farms across Australia in which he did have footage from 24 farms by the end of 2014. I laughed out loud when I read DelForce being quoted by Farm Weekly as saying:

“To me, and I think to most people, it’s a question of which crime is worse – animals being abused or someone jumping a fence to film it?

“If someone thinks that trespass is the worse act out of those two things, then I think there’s something wrong there.”

To animal rights activists any form of animal ownership is cruelty. In the case of pig farms or any other establishment that slaughters animals for food, they exist to provide food for human nourishment. It is not mandatory for people to eat meat but we most people (including myself) like to. Since environmentalist groups hate humans (just like their attacks on GMO’s and pesticides) the animal rights movement is another column in the green movement’s attack against mankind. Eradicate meat from the human diet in some way and humans starve off and die.

In light of Chris DelForce’s career as a film maker being suspended (which I hope is permanent), he may want to take this time to reflect not only on the violations of the rights of the owners of the pig farms he tried to slander but also reflect on his overall lifestyle. It has been determined that eating meat helped in human brain development. I am not a doctor or scientist but I am of the opinion that a lack of meat can affect one’s ability to think and reason clearly. If he is a vegan (which I think is most likely), perhaps DelForce including meat in his diet might help his brain development since no one in their right mind would do what he and his fellow animal rights activists did.