Horse race jockey says windmill farms are a threat that can kill

Irish horse racing champion and top-rated trainer Noel Meade has come out against windmill farms. The Irish Daily Mirror quotes Meade as saying that the wind turbines for a proposed windmill farm that will be built near his stables can kill a horse or jockey. Meade warns:

“A jockey could get killed because of these enormous turbines. Just look at the height of them – 169 metres. The size of these bloody things.

“Horses scare easily, and if one bolts with a jockey, no matter how good that jockey is, God Almighty won’t stop him.

“These turbines will scare horses. I do believe someone could end up getting killed because of them.”

Meade thinks the shadows or flickers from the large turbines will scare horses causing some to panic and run. He also thinks the windmills will have an adverse effect on the horse industry such as horse breeders too.

I am curious if any environmentalist groups concerned about endangered species are in the least bit concerned about the points Noel Meade brings up. I will bet a steak dinner that there will not even be an outcry from animal rights groups if what Meade predicts comes true should the wind mill farms be built. Now that their ideas have been enacted and the tables have turned in their favor, environmentalist’s concern for horses and other animals effected by renewables is collateral damage since their ideas are now being practiced. In short, environmentalists only care about the environment when their proposals are not in place. Now that they are, greens could care less about the harm they do.