PETA demands British coastal town scrap its “violent” mascot

People for the Extortion Torture and Abuse of human beings has issued a demand to Skegness, England’s mayor Carl Macey calling on him to dump the town’s Jolly Fisherman mascot for a more animal-friendly one. The Grimsby Telegraph reports that in the group’s letter to Macey, PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi says the mayor has: a unique opportunity to reach millions of people with a message of compassion by replacing Jolly Fisherman mascot with one that does not evoke images of animals being impaled in the face or suffocated in giant ocean-destroying nets.

Bekhechi is also quoted as saying: Experts agree that fish are sensitive, interesting animals who feel pain and have complex social structures.

Skegness should be remembered for fun seaside holidays rather than the violent occupation of its mascot.

It’s time to send the Jolly Fisherman to a retirement home and give fish their place in the sun.

In order to sweeten their demand, PETA has offered to donate to Skegness’ school district £1,000 of VBites Fish-Free Fish Fingers if the town agrees to adopt PETA’s new mascot idea. Fortunately, the town’s Manager, Lisa Collins, spoke up saying something fishy is going on and poo-poohed notion of dumping Skegness’ mascot for one proposed by PETA by quipping: [H]e’s part of our history and I can’t imagine turning up to events with a giant plaice!

This ridiculous move by PETA is one of many ways animal rights groups seek to dehumanize or downplay certain aspects of our culture. In this case it is to remove the mascot of a town with connotations related to Skegness’ connection to England’s fishing industry. PETA not only attacks the human food supply by slandering the activities at slaughterhouses and our healthcare with the group’s opposition to vivisection but now it seeks to attack cultural aspects that have to do with humans using animals, in this case fish, for food.