PETA defends tiger in Packard Plant incident

Your favorite animal rights group and mine, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA), is at is again! According to the Detroit Free Press, his time it involves the group sticking up for the life of a tiger that got loose inside a Packard plant Monday.

The plant was used by a British photographer for a photo shoot he was conducting when somehow the tiger got loose. Animal handlers at the scene enlisted the help of members of the public in attempts to scare or intimidate the tiger. Once done, it would be easier to capture.

PETA, on the other hand, wouldn’t have it. The group filed a compliant with the USDA alleging that the manner in which the tiger was handled violated multiple federal regulations and demanded that the company’s business license be cancelled. What is revealing though is the Free Press reveals the company behind the photo shoot, Animals of Montana, was cited by OSHA in 2103 for safety violations related to a grizzly bear the company used in which the bear mauled a trainer to death.

The manner in which Animals of Montana handled the tiger and attempted to bring the animal under control was grossly negligent. It is clear they did not learn from the 2013 incident and were going to repeat the same mistake resulting in an innocent person getting killed. PETA may contextually be right to file the complaint with the USDA, but no outrage was expressed on their part for the enormous risk the people Animals of Montana recruited faced in order to help re-capture the tiger. This just goes to show that the claim made by animal rights groups that all life matters is nothing more than a monstrous fraud.