N.C. Sheriff’s puppy raffle arouses internet outrage

A 20 year old tradition in Cleveland County, North Carolina has abruptly come to an end. WSOCTV reports after a humongous outcry over social media resulting from an announcement of a raffle of a puppy went viral on the internet. Consequently, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office decided to can the event after getting 5000 negative messages about the raffle posted on their Facebook page along with angry phone calls and emails.

For twenty years the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office would raffle off a puppy in order to raise money for its canine unit. However, due to the backlash over the event, the fundraiser will be cancelled indefinitely. Sheriff’s deputies said they are bothered by the outcry and pointed out that, in addition to the raffle raising $6000, most times the winner of the raffle would take the prize money of anywhere of $300 to $500. In very few instances would the prize winner take the puppy and dogs that were not adopted would be used in the department’s canine unit anyway.

Naturally, the local SPCA representative that was interviewed pooh-poohed the raffle. However, the outcry over this is really sick and it says something about the gang mentality that has come about since the death of Cecil the Lion. As a result of the public anger resulting from Cecil’s death, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer went into hiding after getting blamed for the lion’s extermination. In fact, the animal’s unfortunate demise was the fault of one of the dentist’s trackers who lured Cecil out of his home preserve.

Unfortunately, rather than being used as tool to disseminate information and knowledge, the internet and social media are weaponized in the cause to destroy human lives for the sake of animals. Even for ones that won’t be killed. Since animal rights activists can’t rationally or logically make the case for their cause, they instead resort to intimidation tactics like having internet allies gang up on events or people in order to halt activities they don’t approve of.