Animal “rights” group harasses Florida animal breeder

South Florida Smash HLS is up in arms after Fort Lauderdale-based Landmark Bank lent $4 million to Worldwide Primates, a company that raises and sells animals for medical research. Consequently, the animal rights group says they won’t be patronizing the bank anytime soon.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, local animal rights groups have had it in for Worldwide Primates’ owner Matthew Block resulting from his attempt to smuggle orangutans from Indonesia to Russia twenty years ago. Block plead guilty, paid a $30,000 fine and spent 13 months in prison. He also worked with authorities to halt illegal animal smuggling operations too.

Despite Block’s admission of guilt and work to make things right, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times reveals area animal rights activists have never forgotten what Block did nor forgiven him.

In 1994, 33 crab-eating macaques were stolen from Block’s property. Last year, intruders cut holes in several monkey cages, letting the animals escape. And this week, the Animal Liberation Front received a communique that activists targeted a Miami Beach house they believed to belong to Block’s wife Brooke. “We punctured 4 tires on a car in the driveway and poured red paint over the car and on the front door of the house,” authors of the communique stated. (Matthew Block, now in his late 40s, is no longer a registered agent for Worldwide Primates; rather, his wife Brooke and mother Gertie are listed officers on the paperwork.)

The Miami Beach house actually belonged to Block’s mother and the animals set free, according to Block, haven’t spent a day in the wild in which the end result would be the released animals would die of starvation. While it has been fined for violations, Worldwide Primates’ record has been very good. But the culprits clearly guilty, not just of legal, but moral crimes are Block’s oppressors. Another example that Smash HLS wants to kill humans and not save animals is evidenced by their successful 2011 campaign of demanding Amerijet and Monarch Air Group to halt transporting monkeys.

Groups like Smash HLS hate the idea of humans using animals for any purpose and will prevent, slander or demoralize any effort that involves animals to be used including and especially medical testing. The purpose of animal rights groups is not about the human treatment of animals but, in reality, the animalistic treatment of humans. Just ask people like Matthew Block, Mitchel Kalamanson and employees of SeaWorld.